7 Reasons To Practice Gratitude

7 Reasons To Practice Gratitude

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7 Reasons To Practice Gratitude Gratitude Not Only Makes Others Feel Good But Check Out What It Can Do For You – Scientific Studies Prove that Practicing Gratitude . . . – Enhances self-worth and self-esteem. – Helps cope with stress and depression. – Encourages caring for others. – Helps build social bonds, strengthens existing […]

5 reasons market email

5 Reasons To Market Through Email

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 5 Reasons To Market Through Email According to Inc. there are five main reasons that email has retained its place at the #1 marketing platform: Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers. Using email is better for mobile marketing than SMS because: It works on mobile devices other than phones Emails are free […]

Death of digital photography

The Death of Digital Photography

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As camera makers struggle to innovate, consumers are finding little need to upgrade. The market is slowing to the point of inertia—manufacturers need to take a left field approach to stay competitive. In February, Nikon—the world’s second-biggest camera manufacturer by market share—published a notice of “recognition of extraordinary loss.” The statement admitted that, over the […]

what color should your logo be

What Color Should Your Logo Be?

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How to Pick the Perfect Color What Color Should Your Logo Be? Color has a major impact on how we perceive the world around us. Research has shown that the psychology of color can not only influence the way food tastes, the way some medicines perform, and the way we feel — it can also play a […]