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Lisa Morris is the most thorough and creative individual I have ever worked with. She is inspired, detail oriented and totally reliable.
I love knowing that when I hire Lisa, I will get the best and the most artistic final product available!

Roberta Hamilton-Griggs St Mary's Academy

My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing Lisa for 30 years. She is very smart, wise, and good hearted. She understands and works well with people. She is an amazing mother and sincerely cares about her community. She is an artist and a business woman. Do not be deceived because she is beautiful; she is far more competent than any of her male counterparts. Any individual or organization lucky enough to have her play a part will grow and prosper enjoying her participation, at any level.

Don Kaufman Attorney at Law

Lisa has completed many projects for me for many years now and everything she has done for  me sets a benchmark that others can strive to reach but not many will make the grade. Her professionalism,  friendly atmosphere and ability to get the best out of every project is top-notch.


Margaret Horwich Independent Fine Art Professional

During our work on a project for Nestle, her excellent qualities of being a detail oriented person came out. She was able to take her company’s product and adapt it to our needs, by thinking out of the box and making sure she understood our expectations. Lisa worked diligently to ensure that our deadlines were met. Besides having the business qualities to be successful, she possesses the qualities of an honest and caring person.

John Tulenko Corporate Manager for Nestle United States and Canada

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for several years and when I had the opportunity to hire her, I did so without hesitation. Lisa is a professional, personable and does excellent creative work. Additionally, if you have spent any amount of time around her whatsoever, you will know that her positive outlook and enthusiasm are absolutely infectious!

I can highly recommend Lisa without reservation and do so gladly.

Troy G. Smith Director of New Business Development


The Witty Media Production's team is available to help your company navigate through the What, When and Why of internet strategies.  
Furthermore, we can help you harness the power of the internet and grow your business. Whether it be leveraging social media marketing or creating digital media advertising campaigns through Amazon, Facebook, or Google Ad words. In addition to growing your online presence, we utilize Google Analytics and SEO strategies to increase internet traffic when creating your website and brand. 
We understand the challenges first-hand of trying to manage and run a full-time business while keeping up with the ever-evolving world wide web. Furthermore, we have an in-depth understanding of the work involved with maintaining a business presence online, and the continual evolution towards automation.
In addition, we've also experienced the frustration of finding and hiring from individuals that lack focus, business experience, customer service and the dedication it takes to find solutions that will not only meet your current needs but the needs of the future as well.  We look forward to hearing about your projects and to learn how we can help you accomplish taking your business to the next level of success!  Read Full History >>>

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